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G e m s   C a t e g o r i e s

As Myanmar is renowned for its precious gems and semi-precious gems, Mogok unheated pigeon blood (Pigeon red) rubies are the most famous all over the world. Other semi-precious gems like spinels, aquamarines, peridots etc are also popular among gems dealers.
Myanmar imperial jade of top- notch quality is very much in demand also. Golden yellow south sea cultured Myanmar pearls and pinkish white South sea cultured pearls are greatly appreciated by the international pearl dealers as Myanmar has South sea pearls farms. Burmite Amber is well known for its age which is million and million years old. 
Rare gems like Painite, Johachidolite, Poudretteite, Jeremejevite, Taaffeite and Wadeite are produced in Myanmar and the gems dealers and gemologists have a great interest in these gems.


The De Long Star Ruby

The Midnight Star Ruby

The Rosser Reeves Ruby


Mogok Myanmar unheated sapphires like royal blue sapphires are greatly appreciated by the gems dealers.
Assorted color cabochon star sapphires and faceted multi color sapphires are valued by the local customers as well as the jewellery designers all over the world.


The Ruspoli Sapphire

midnight blue mystery

The Star of Asia Star Sapphire