G J E A   Y a n g o n   M y a n m a r

Gems and Jewellery Entrepreneurs Association(Yangon Region) has been founded since 13th of March 2016. 

It has been formed with 1 chairman, 6 vice chairmen, 6 secretaries, 3 treasurers, 2 auditors, 42 central executive committee members and 35 executive committee members. 

Our aim is to have a major gems and jewellery market in Myanmar. 

O b e c t i v e s

50The Objectives of the Association is as follows:

(a)  To develop production and marketing of gemstones of the country to obtain a proper recognition and standing in the world market, and to unify the members of the Association, to join hands and carry out more co-operation in order establish a hundred percent gemstones market in motherland.

(b)  To cooperate with government organizations to eradicate illegal production, marketing and sale of gem stones abroad, to modernize and develop production and marketing of jade and gem stones and finished products and to take aim for unity with the producers of jade and gem stones producers of finished products marketers, intellectuals and technical experts and merchants with the awareness of responsibility for the benefits of the country and its people.

(c)  To prevent from causing damages to natural environment and steadfastly abide by laws, rules and regulations and orders in carrying out the production of jade and gem stones.

(d)  To mediate and settle problems and disputes which may arise from time to time between members or problems arising out of gem stones related works. However the decision of the higher authority based on findings and recommendations of Body/Committee appointed by the government shall be final.

(e)  To organize and hold educational seminars, symposiums, training courses, to distribute books, papers and newsletters which may be beneficial to the members of the Association, to hold shows as may be permitted by the government, send trade study groups within the country and abroad, contact and liaise with international organizations and to make use of fund of the Association systematically in accordance with the financial rules to develop marketing of gem stones and to provide assistance in social welfare of the association members and altruistic works by any possible ways.